#DoTellMama: Community Start Up and Balance of the Working Mom

April 2, 2020

You've heard the phrase "It takes a village"; and it's true. But what if we don't have a village? More families are raising kids alone, without the help of extended families. Finding your "mom tribe" and forming a sense of community is integral to becoming a new mom. You're going through things that only another new mom will understand. Having someone to talk to, and to be present makes the whole process seem less daunting, and certainly less lonely. Founder of "Moms on Maternity", Aimee Cruz shares her own personal journey and how she started the new moms networking events and gives tips on how to connect, network, and make lasting friendships in adulthood. Listen to #DoTellMama on Dash Radio

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DTM - Birthing Trauma.mp4
DTM - Birthing Trauma.mp4