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Briana Rygg
Briana Rygg @BrianaRygg
Kudos to those health systems who have embraced their clinical teams sharing fears, needs, success, etc in social m…
12:14 PM - 28 Mar 20
Providence Providence @providence

@BrianaRygg @MayoClinic @OHSUNews @CedarsSinai @StanfordMed Thank you for your kind words @BrianaRygg! We are lucky to have many amazing clinical leaders helping to share their knowledge with the world from across our @providence #healthcare system.

12:27 PM - 28 Mar 20
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#Stress, #anxiety, and #depression are common responses to this #pandemic. @NAMICommunicate recommends main...

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@vandekieftg We're so happy to hear, Gregg! Sometimes, it's the little things that mean so much. Thank you ...